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Citi Protection sets the standard of commercial, retail alarm, and armed reaction industry.

Your Security Is Our Sole Priority

Welcome to Citi Protection, where our commitment is to deliver top-notch security services with a personal touch. We pride ourselves on being large enough to handle any security challenge, yet small enough to genuinely care about each client’s safety and peace of mind.

At Citi Protection, we’re not just another security company. We’re setting the standard in the commercial, retail alarm, and armed reaction industry. Our goal is simple: to exceed expectations every day. We’re dedicated to taking decisive action, responding swiftly, and resolving any security issue efficiently. Every moment, we strive to improve upon yesterday’s performance.

Your security is our sole priority. Whether you’re safeguarding your home or protecting your business, we’ve got you covered. Our comprehensive range of residential and business security solutions ensures that you can trust Citi Protection to keep what matters most safe and secure.

An Armed Response Company You Can Trust.
Street Cameras

If 70% of your street sign up with Citi Protection, we will install cameras in your street

Why Citi Protection?

What Makes Us Different?

We are a South African owned and managed company that understands the local cultures and its importance in developing crime prevention strategies in the suburbs and communities.
The most advanced security technology ensures a fast & reliable service. This means your call will be dealt with by an agent without delay. Our Policies & Procedures ensure our services are truly world class.
24 hour on-site live Fleet tracking allows our vehicle dispatchers to manage our large fleet, ensuring that there is always a security vehicle just around the corner

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Additional Benefits


Experience a seamless transition to your new location with Citi Protection. Receive a complimentary technical assessment when you move with us, ensuring a smooth setup process and avoiding any unexpected technical challenges at your new property.


Moving with Citi Protection has its rewards! Enjoy up to 10% off any new or replacement equipment for your new home. With our range of top-notch security solutions, upgrading your protection is now more affordable than ever.


Move with confidence with Citi Protection. With our priority billing service, your billing at your previous location is immediately suspended once the new occupants sign up. Rest assured that your security needs are seamlessly managed during your transition with Citi Protection.