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Why outdoor protection?

Outdoor alarms serve as an early warning system for clients and armed response companies in an attempt to minimize the risk of theft and harm to families and staff. Outdoor security installed by us can be controlled from inside the house or remotely from outside the premises. Our outdoor security systems are installed in such a way so as not to limit or inconvenience you. Our outdoor security passives can be programed to work independently from the interior alarm system. Our outdoor detection systems are installed to give maximum security services with least amount of false alarms.

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Pet-Friendly Function, Outdoor Alarm Systems and Sensors

Perimeter protection

A good security system for your premises will always include careful attention to perimeter protection which will include but is not limited to walls, palisades electric fencing and last but not least outdoor perimeter beams or outdoor passives.These outdoor detection devices can be obtained in wired as well as wireless options.

The use of outdoor detection for both industrial and household use is fast gaining momentum in South Africa. It is no longer seen as a nice to have in the overhaul security plan but rather a necessity.

Citi Protection Outdoor Alarms

This has been as a direct result of the violent nature of housebreakings and robberies in the recent years and now is used as a early warning system.

Whilst great strides have been made in the technology that drives outdoor detector producers to eliminate false alarms, it must also be noted that various cheap products available do not adapt well to the specific conditions and climate in South Africa.

Citi Protection Outdoor Alarms

Unscrupulous companies who’s main aim is to grow client numbers often do not have the technical expertise to recommend the correct product and installation thereof.

When it comes to the best outdoor alarm advice ensure you get a company that understands your individual lifestyle and needs, if not the acquisition of outdoor detection will be more of a frustration than an improvement of your security plan.

With patrols limited to only specific areas you can be sure that, should an emergency arise, and you need help, an armed response team will be at your doorstep within minutes.

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